The way we present ourselves for performances is very important. Our visual perception makes a big difference before we play the first note. 

We have two uniforms while performing: Formal and Casual. 

White tuxedo shirts with cummerbund and black dress shoes. Please wear a solid white undershirt. 

All students will wear the school-issued tuxedo shirts (included in band dues). They will also wear bow ties and cummerbunds. Bow ties and cummerbunds are provided by the school and must be returned after each performance. 

Black dress pants, socks, and dress shoes must be worn by all students. Girls may wear a black calf-length skirt with black or flesh tone stockings. *No leggings will be allowed.* 

Band t-shirts, band hoodies, khaki shorts, white socks, and white tennis shoes. The t-shirts, hoodies, and socks are included in band dues.

Included in Band Dues:

  • Tuxedo Shirt
  • Band T-shirt
  • Band Hoodie
  • Band Socks