Band Dues

TMS Band Dues for 2020-2021

Band Dues this year will be $50.00, and we kindly ask they be paid in full by October 30, 2020. Dues can be paid via PayPal. Dues are very important, as they fund important student essentials.  The breakdown is as follows:

Band Dues include:

  • • Band T-shirt (new design)
  • • Shipping and handling of T-shirt
  • • Sheet music needed throughout the school year
  • • Communication fees such a the Band website and the Paypal transaction fees
  • • Supplies need  to run effective Live Zoom Music Sessions
  • • GMEA membership fee
• • • • • •
Books are not included in Band dues and must be purchased separately.  You may purchase the books at a music store of your choice.

6th Grade Band Book

Essential Elements Interactive, Book 1

Percussion book- $18.00

All other instrument books- $11.00

Essential Elements Interactive, Book 1

7th and 8th Grade Band Book

Warm-ups and Beyond

Percussion books (mallet and percussion)- $13.00

All other instrument books- $7.00

Warmups and Beyond Thumbnail

• • • • • •


Please note Band dues are non-refundable and are not transferable to other organizations. Band dues are necessary to be paid in full for students participating in any band related extra-curricular activity.


• • • • • •

Replacement attire is available for purchase at several functions throughout the year:

  • Band T-shirt are $15.00 each

 Click here to download a printable listing of Band Dues.