About TMS Band

The Tucker Middle School band program is a comprehensive music program that offers the potential band students the opportunity to experience band unlike any other program. First, we believe in offering the student the opportunity to pursue the instrument of their choice before assigning them a particular instrument. We feel the student will be prone to success on their instrument of choice.

Secondly, we firmly believe self-discipline as one of the cornerstones of our program. All of our students represent their family, the community and the school. We will not tolerate unruly behavior in our program. We are a community service based program that firmly believes parental support and involvement is essential to our success. When we perform we will strive to give the best presentation possible. At Tucker we set the standard. We set our goals and objectives high and we are expected to achieve them. Our band motto” Teamwork Makes the Dream work” is what it’s all about. We are a team, a family of individuals who rely on each other to do their part in this program. We practice and study hard to make our band “second to none”. It’s a group effort, not individual.

And lastly, we don’t play band. “We do band” the way it is intended to be done. We offer our students the opportunity to participate in district honors band auditions, solo & ensembles, brass, woodwind and percussion ensembles. We want the students experience in band to be pleasant and rewarding. Hopefully this will continue at the high school level. I want every student member of the Tucker middle school band to be proud when they announce that they are a member of the Tucker Middle school band program.